This book is intended to bring, from a managerial perspective, the several aspects needed when introducing InnerSource methodologies into enterprises.

This book is a work in progress process where anyone is more than welcome to contribute in any possible way. Ideas, comments, typos, full paragraphs or sections would be great. This repository aims at bringing specialized knowledge from the industry within this respect in a way that this is useful for third parties. For this, we are actively looking for reviewers that can help in this process. For those that have already contributed to the book, thanks a lot!

You can find more information about the process in the contributing section.

Who is fostering this initiative?

Bitergia, as neutral actor in the software development analytics field aims at sharing the knowledge acquire during the last years. This book is currently focused on its main areas of expertise such as the usual metrics and KPI's to use, the methodology, the metrics strategy around your general InnerSource strategy or the infrastructure needed to have a successful InnerSource journey within your company.

This book is open to anyone interested in InnerSource, either you are applying this and you want to share your use case or you have successfully applied InnerSource in your internal software development process.


For further reading, we encourage you to participate in the InnerSource Commons site funded by PayPal where dozens of companies are already sharing experiences and working to understand all of this. It is a great place to understand how others are facing this new methodology as we are all learning from this incipient process.

And finally, if you're interested in participating from a survey perspective and share your insights about this within your organization, please have a look at the InnerSource Survey.


Each chapter in the book is authored and reviewed by different people. That information can be found at the beginning of each chapter. This initiative is fostered by Bitergia although given some technical issues, we finally decided to open this under a personal repository.

For further questions, please contact José Manrique López or Daniel Izquierdo: (jsmanrique|dizquierdo) at bitergia dot com.

Thanks for your time here!

The book cover was created by Sebastian Spier, using an image by user Bru-nO, available under the Pixabay License.

All of the content found in this repository is licensed CC BY-SA 4.0.